Introduction to Members of China National Orchestra Tianjin

Kuan Naichung, born in Beijing in 1939, Kuan received stringent training from his father Zixiang Guan, a well-known violinist at the time as well as from German pianist Professor Kubelik. Kuan graduated from the Central Conservatory of Music in 1961 with a major in Composition. Kuan has been conductor and resident composer of many art groups in China, and between 1986 and 1990, he worked as the Music Director of the Hong Kong Chinese Traditional Orchestra. His original compositions total more than a hundred, including three symphonies, 16 concertos, 15 orchestral works, three compositions for choir and orchestra, and numerous ensemble works, adaptations of ancient tunes and folk music. There are more than 40 recordings that feature his compositions and arrangements.
Dong Junjie, the first-class national conductor, the commander, music director and chief conductor of Tianjin Opera and Ballet Theatre Troupe, the music director and chief conductor China National Orchestra Tianjin who is one of the most excellent young conductor in the world. Now, he is the guest conductor of Malaysia Penang Philharmonic Orchestra, China Opera and Ballet Theater Troupe, Shanxi Opera and Ballet Theater Troupe, Hebei Opera and Ballet Theatre Troupe; the invited conductor of Tianjin Conservatory of Music Youth Orchestra and National Youth Orchestra; the chief conductor of Tianjin University Peiyang Symphony Orchestra; the member of Chinese Musicians' Association; the director of China Nationalities Orchestra Society, conducting committee and Tianjin Musicians' Association; the vice-chairman of Tianjin Nationalities Orchestra Society; the visiting professor of Tianjin Conservatory of Music and Shanxi Normal University.
Yu Hongmei, graduated from the Central Conservatory of Music with her master degree. She is China's leading virtuoso contemporary Erhu soloist. She is an educator, professor, graduate supervisor and director of the Chinese Music Department at the Central Conservatory of Music. She is the vice chair of the Erhu Society of Chinese Musicians Association; the vice chair of the Huqin Professional Committee of Chinese National Orchestra Association; the guest Erhu soloist for China National Traditional Orchestra and a guest professor at the University of Calgary in Canada. New York Concert Journal comments that "Her excellent performance amazed all of the audience" and "She is an outstanding musician that represents the contemporary spirit of Chinese musical culture."
Zhao Cuncai, the first-class national actor of Tianjin Song & Dance Ensemble, the member of China Nationalities Orchestra Society and Chinese Musicians' Association, the managing director of Tianjin Nationalities Orchestra Society. He has won a lot of awards during 30 years, such as the silver awards of the First Northern China Music Festival and China National Folk Music Solo Performance Competition, the New Artist Award of Tianjin Culture and Art Month, the Excellent Suona Performing Prize of Fulitong Cup International Chinese Folk Music Solo Performance Competition, the Excellence Award of CCTV Chinese Instrumental Competition, etc. and he was regarded as "Gold Suona" by his wide audience.
Li Shaojie, the actor of Tianjin Song and Art Troupe, the member of Chinese Ballad Singers Association, the vice-chairman of Chinese Clapper Talk Art Committee and the descendant of Li Family Clapper Talk of Tianjin Intangible Cultural Heritage. He has won the first prize of China Clapper Talk Competition in 1997, the top award of Quyi Art at Chinese Quyi Festival in 1998, the first prize of China Clapper Talk Competition, the Best Supporting Role Award of China Invitational Crosstalk and Sketch Contest in 2003, the Heritage Award of China Clapper Talk in 2008, the Best Performance Award by China Culture Ministry in 2013 and the Most Popular Clapper Talk Artist to Chinese Audiences in 2014.
Shen Ting, a young Ruan performer and a teacher in Tianjin Conservatory of Music. She won a gold award of CCTV Chinese Instrumental Competition, the Wu Bochao Scholarship of Central Conservatory of Music (the only winner) in 2009, was the gold winner of New York International Folk Music Competition in 2012 and was voted as the candidate of Tianjin "131 Innovative Talents Training Program" in 2014. She has performed with many well-known Chinese orchestras, has been interviewed by "Musical Instrument" magazine and and has played at many national and international performances as well as gave her performances in USA, Denmark, Australia, New Zealand, Portugal, Maldives, Philippine, Japan, etc..

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