Following “Pirates of Caribbean” popularly showing in China, the newly island travel trend of Chinese outbound market reaches the Caribbean area. As a result, many countries and islands in the Caribbean area actively promote the local tourism resource and facilities in China, and Puerto Rico joins in the team as well.

Puerto Rico Tourism Company commissioned the China Business Network to develop its Chinese web site with the purpose of raising the awareness of Puerto Rico among the travel trade as well as would be travelers throughout China.

To satisfy the increasing interests generated by the Chinese web site, Puerto Rico Tourism Company decided to send its officials such as the Business Development Manager, the Regional Director West Coast & Midwest Regions and the deputy Director to participate in the World Travel Fair in Shanghai on 22nd - 25th March 2007 and COTTM in Beijing on 14th May till 16th May 2007. The purpose was to use these two exhibitions as platforms to meet up interested Chinese tour operators and also to promote Puerto Rico as a destination directly to Chinese travelers and outbound travel trade.

Main Challenge:
Puerto Rico is located in the far away Caribbean of which most Chinese have no idea or little knowledge of. However, as a popular resort in Caribbean, Puerto Rico has rich tourism resources and its tourism authority has the intension of attracting many Chinese visitors.

Targeting the outbound travel trade i.e. outbound tour operators and corporate travel organizers as well as millions of would be travelers from China.

Target Markets:
Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou where main outbound tour operators and corporate travel organizers are concentrated, also targeting the top end of the market of actual travelers.

Using the slogan of “Explore beyond the shore” coupled with visual images and descriptive information during exhibitions and via its Chinese web site of to stimulate the desire and intension of Chinese travelers as well as to create the right image of Puerto Rico as an exclusive holiday and incentive destination.

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