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China Business Network (CBN) is a consortium of entities focusing on outwards investment, outbound travel from China as well as facilitating trade both import and export fitting our slogan Bring the World to China - Taking Chinese to the World by providing business consultancy and facilitating services for large numbers of Chinese and foreign authorities, businesses as well as other organizations.

Among its many activities CBN Overseas Office focuses on providing foreign businesses with expert consulting services while CBN offices in China provide effective marketing activities and facilitating services in China by supporting many Chinese investors, groups of officials and business executives going abroad to invest, finding business partners, attending exhibitions or simply for incentive travel overseas or enjoying discerning visit and shopping overseas.

CBN supports Trade and Investment as well as outbound travel from China

We reach
State owned enterprises and private investors;
Corporate travel organizers;
The largest number of business travelers;

We support
Investment and Trade as well as Destination Promotion Authorities on the National, Regional and Local Levels;

We recommend
Airline and other transport providers;
Accommodation Providers;
DMCs and Ground Handlers;
Incentive activities;
Venues for M.I.C.E.
Investment destinations;
Infrastructure developments;
Natural resources exploration;
Real estate developers;
Property brokers and estate agents;
Specialist expertise;

We provide foreign Investment and trade promotion authorities as well as commercial companies with complete value-added services that include:
Professionally translating, creatively designing and implementing a comprehensive web site or a number of web pages in Chinese and maintaining the Chinese web pages on the China Wide Web.

Email your Chinese information with our recommendation to the senior officials and business decision-makers as well as the corporate travel organizers.

Providing your potential customers with direct access to your Chinese web pages via clearly categorized destination and section headings.

Providing a direct hyper text link from your Chinese web pages to your web site on the World Wide Web so that your web site is not lost in the Internet jungle any more.

Indexing and meta-tagging key words related to your destination and what you do in Chinese search engines and throughout the China Wide Web.

Furthering business contacts with relevant Chinese authorities and interested companies and as well as attending trade fairs and translating qualified enquiries.

Nothing is too small for us; we will even design and print your Chinese brochures and bilingual business cards professionally in China to save unnecessary printing and postage cost.


David L. Shields, Deputy Director of Tourism - Marketing
Jamaica Tourist Board
We all arrived back in Jamaica safely, after what was a most successful trip to China. I am very pleased with the outcome of the visit to China and want to personally thank you for your personal efforts to make this trip the success that it was. You and your team really added a very positive dimension to the visit and this was noticed by members of the team including the Director of Tourism, the Director General and the Hon. minister of Tourism. The overwhelming reaction from my Principals is most encouraging for me as this was the first trip for some members of the delegation and I believe we were able to truly make them "converts" for China and of the potential which exists from this exceptional market.

Sonja Lombard, Managing Director
Voortrekker Monument and Nature Reserve, South Africa
My decision to advertise the Voortrekker Monument on the Chinese Business Network, has resulted in a growth in Chinese tourists of 43% over the past year. Of all the Chinese tourists visiting South Africa, 40% visit the Voortrekker Monument. This is extraordinary as our City does not have 40% overall market share in international tourists coming to South Africa.

Please allow me the opportunity to introduce you to our Member of the Mayoral Committee of the capital city of Tshwane, Mr. Subesh Pillay. He is also responsible for tourism in our metropolitan city. I am sure he will be interested in your product offering and perhaps in making use of your services in promoting the City during the COTTM 2013 in Beijing.

Aviva Pearson, Director of Business Development
Simpleview, USA
The team at the China Business Network are second to none. The results that they have provided for our business have been outstanding and the services are all followed up with customer service which we have never seen from another organization of this type. The attention to detail with documentation supplied throughout the life of each project makes CBN stand out from the rest. The translation services were the fastest and most accurate we have ever purchased and the on-the-ground chaperoning and travel planning services have made every sales trip to China the most comfortable and successful missions we have ever undertaken. CBN will always be the first, and only choice for us.
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