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A unique opportunity has come up to offer a qualified candidate a full-time position in the heart of Canary Wharf, London Docklands.

The full-time position is Incoming Travel Manager responsible for arranging all incoming services for Chinese visitors coming to the UK. Interested candidate is welcome to study more details directly on http://www.cbntravel.com

Job description of Incoming Travel Manager -旅游操作经理
  • Dealing with inquiries from both our offices in China and also outbound tour operators directly who are seeking incoming services for visiting groups or FITs in the UK.
  • Responding to such inquiries positively and efficiently to turn qualified enquiries into actual business.
  • Researching and contacting relevant authorities or organizations that are keen on receiving suitable delegations from China and preparing official invitation letters.
  • Contacting necessary suppliers such as hotels, coach companies as well as engaging Chinese speaking guides for best quotation with guarantee of providing best services to our clients.
  • Liaising with tour leaders or the guides to make sure each visiting group is well looked after and happy with the services provided throughout their stay in the UK.
  • Working closely with our Director for MICE to cater for large events, conferences, meetings or exhibitions.

The key requirements for the Incoming Travel Manager are:
  • Excellent communication skills in both English and Chinese in order to communicate with our suppliers i.e. hotels, coach companies etc. in English and with most of our clients in Chinese.
  • Attention to details - have you ever missed a flight or train? Can you remember how much hassle and costly that was? How would you feel if the guide or driver meant to collect you from the airport did not turn up on time? It is your responsibility to make sure none of such unexpected ever happens to any of our clients.
  • Ability to deal with unexpected with the best solution - of course, in real life something unexpected can happen such as even brand new car may break down? What other unexpected have you encountered and successfully dealt with?
  • Courteous and diplomatic with all clients and suppliers - how often do you complain about some hotels, airlines, car hire companies or even drivers or guides? What do you do when they disappoint you or your clients?
  • Dedication - the position suitable for someone who does not only like traveling (as most people do) but love arranging travel for others. The real joy of the travel business is to deal with different clients and suppliers every day so you can make friends with different people who need your help and whom you may need help from so is there anything better than being paid for to make friends?

In return, you will receive competitive guaranteed basic salary plus profit share of any group or event that you deal with. So like working for John Lewis or Huawei you are part of the business and should be proud of providing the best service to each and every client so that they will recommend more clients to you and each group will surely generate profit that you will always be rewarded for by sharing such profit.

Of course, in order to maximize your income, you will need to be good at negotiating the best rates from suppliers while achieving the highest prices for your suggested package. Therefore, are you good at negotiation? If so, please send your most recent CV with a covering letter stating why you love to be an Incoming Travel Manager? And why you think you can succeed in this position? To CBN168@ChinaBN.org, for arranging an immediate interview, please call Elsa or Adam on 02075363888.

Paid Internship Position available immediately leading to part time or full time if qualified
At CBN Travel & MICE i.e. http://chinabn.org/MICE, we organize many large events, conferences, meetings or exhibitions that you can have a flavor on http://chinabn.org/cases, therefore, we are also welcoming postgraduate students who may need to do some internship during the summer or other times. Such internship position does not require Chinese speaking however high lever of English as the main tasks will be communicating with potential sponsors, collaborating partners and also venues as well as local participants i.e. senior officials, business executives and invited guests for some special events etc.. The Intern will have the opportunity to get involved in the actual organisation, marketing and execution of large events, conferences, meetings or exhibitions.

We do offer reasonable payment for such Internship so it got to be attractive to be paid for getting more experience, however, we do expect dedication and passion for MICE! Not mice of course.

For those students finding such internship interesting and is able to start immediately for at least 3 months or at least during the months of September and October but the sooner the better in order to gain the most experience. Interested candidate, please send your CV with a covering letter to London@ChinaBN.org. For arranging an immediate interview please call Elsa or Adam on 02075363888 stating which position you are applying please.

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