Profile of CBN Travel Activities

China Business Network (CBN) is a consortium of organisations that specialise in business consulting and targeted marketing services for the largest number of Chinese and foreign authorities, enterprises as well as other organisations. With offices in major cities throughout China and also overseas office in London, CBN is in the best position to reach the largest Chinese market as well as being close to foreign clients overseas.

Among many other activities, CBN has been supporting CNTO, the overseas representation of China National Tourism Administration, to promote China by developing and maintain its official web sites. Meanwhile, CBN Travel & MICE has been supporting many groups of government officials and business executives as well as other Chinese for official visits, to do business or attending MICE events in the UK and other parts of the world. CBN Travel & MICE was proud to be chosen to be the DMC for the Beijing Olympic Torch Relay in London and also for hundreds delegates from China including the entire CCTV team attending and reporting the London Olympics. Not surprisingly CBN Travel Service was the proud winner of the first "China Outbound Quality Label".

At the same time China Business Network has been supporting foreign tourism authorities and travel businesses to reach the fast growing outbound market both online using the unique and most prominent World Travel Online project on the China Wide Web i.e. with English demo home page of that have been developed specifically for the outbound travel from China and received Gold CTW Award for providing targeted marketing services for destination promotion authorities and travel businesses targeting the Chinese outbound travel market both online and also offline by supporting foreign clients attending relevant travel exhibitions in China, organizing road shows, Fam Trips etc. Not surprisingly China Business Network received the Gold CTW Award for overall performance and also helped many of our foreign clients to receive Chinese Tourists Welcoming Award.

The China Wide Web is a nation-wide on-line information service based in the Chinese language, utilising state of the art Internet and Intranet technology to deliver targeted subscribers essential sought-after information and exclusive market intelligence. Indeed, China Wide Web is much more than just the equivalent to or the extension of the World Wide Web.

With 168 countries signed the MOU and 139 countries have received Approved Destination Status for welcoming Chinese visitors the outbound travel trade in China and millions of Chinese are asking for information about foreign destinations and more specific destinations on the regional and local level as well as tourist attractions and incoming tour operators, accommodation providers etc. In short:

We reach: We recommend:
◆Corporate Travel Organisers;
◆Outbound Tour Operators; and the largest number of Chinese Travellers;
◆ Airline and other Transport providers;
◆ Accommodation Providers;
◆ Destination Management Services;
◆ Incoming Operators;/Ground Handler;
◆ Monuments and Museums;
◆ Tourist Attractions and more.
We support:
Tourism Promotion Authorities on the National, Regional and Local Levels

We provide foreign enterprises and organisations with complete value-added services that include:

  • Professionally translating, creatively designing, implementing and maintaining a comprehensive web site or a number of web pages in Chinese on the China Wide Web for easy access in China.
  • Email your information in Chinese directly to the senior decision-makers of all the corporate travel organisers and outbound tour operators.
  • Providing your potential customers with direct access to your Chinese web pages via clearly categorized destination or section headings.
  • Providing a direct hyper-text link from your Chinese web pages to your web site on the World Wide Web so that your web site is not lost in the Internet jungle any more.
  • Indexing and meta-tagging key words related to your destination and what you do in Chinese search engines and throughout the China Wide Web.
  • Arranging business appointments and accompanying for business meetings, allowing the use of CBN offices.
  • Translating and printing Chinese collaterals (brochures, exhibition banners, business cards) professionally and cost effectively (may even be free) in China.
  • Setting up exhibition stand and providing interpretation support.
  • Following up business contacts in Chinese online and off line.
  • Providing continuous sales supports in China throughout the year.
  • Functioning as a one-stop-shop for advice and supports in ealing with Chinese visitors.
CBN Travel & MICE is Proud Winner of the first
"China Outbound Tourism Quality Label"
  • Florencia Amaya, International Market Manager

    INPROTUR Argentina

    Dear CBN Team!
    First of all I would like to thank you all for the magnificent work you have done with Argentina Event. I feel very proud and very happy to work with such as amazing team. It is been a real pleasure to work with you and I hope we can work together pretty soon.

  • Sree Shanker

    On behalf of Kerala Tourism

    It was a great team effort and both CITM and Chengdu show went off well for Kerala Tourism. The client and the co exhibitors are happy with both the events and the credit goes to your entire team members for efficient planning and co-ordination from different parts of the world. We look forward to do the necessary follow ups of the contacts in Chinese market for better traffic from China to Kerala in the coming days. Thanks again.

  • David L. Shields, Deputy Director of Tourism - Marketing

    Jamaica Tourist Board

    We all arrived back in Jamaica safely, after what was a most successful trip to China. I am very pleased with the outcome of the visit to China and want to personally thank you for your personal efforts to make this trip the success that it was. You and your team really added a very positive dimension to the visit and this was noticed by members of the team including the Director of Tourism, the Director General and the Hon. minister of Tourism. The overwhelming reaction from my Principals is most encouraging for me as this was the first trip for some members of the delegation and I believe we were able to truly make them "converts" for China and of the potential which exists from this exceptional market.

  • Sonja Lombard, Managing Director

    Voortrekker Monument and Nature Reserve, South Africa

    My decision to advertise the Voortrekker Monument on the Chinese Business Network, has resulted in a growth in Chinese tourists of 43% over the past year. Of all the Chinese tourists visiting South Africa, 40% visit the Voortrekker Monument. This is extraordinary as our City does not have 40% overall market share in international tourists coming to South Africa.

    Please allow me the opportunity to introduce you to our Member of the Mayoral Committee of the capital city of Tshwane, Mr. Subesh Pillay. He is also responsible for tourism in our metropolitan city. I am sure he will be interested in your product offering and perhaps in making use of your services in promoting the City during the COTTM 2013 in Beijing.

  • Aviva Pearson, Director of Business Development

    Simpleview, USA

    The team at the China Business Network are second to none. The results that they have provided for our business have been outstanding and the services are all followed up with customer service which we have never seen from another organization of this type. The attention to detail with documentation supplied throughout the life of each project makes CBN stand out from the rest. The translation services were the fastest and most accurate we have ever purchased and the on-the-ground chaperoning and travel planning services have made every sales trip to China the most comfortable and successful missions we have ever undertaken. CBN will always be the first, and only choice for us.